Our story

Once upon a time...

The year 2017 turns out to be a historical landmark for different routes that, although parallel and synergistic in their perspectives, principles and objectives, merged...

So LX TEAM is the result of the fusion of three structures already established several years ago in the field of Portuguese Tennis: Escola de Ténis José Mário Silva (at the TAP Club), FASTSPORTS (with School Protocols and Escola de Ténis do Técnico) and LX TEAM (Competition and High Yield Group, who gave the name to this business merger).

LX TEAM is, then, a group related to sport and tennis practice. The result is an ambitious project aimed at providing new solutions to different target groups.

The scope of our services and our high quality standards result from the diverse technical and pedagogical contents that are carefully structured and based on a variety of official institutions.

Our services are prepared and programmed according to their specificity and their range is from pre-school education to high performance sport.

LX TEAM manages about 10 School Protocols, 3 Tennis Schools (TAP Club, Instituto Superior Técnico and Paço do Lumiar) and 1 Competition and High Performance Group.

About 500 regular players and more than 1000 occasional ones are part of the LX TEAM universe (among students, rentals, social and official tournaments and other activities). They progressively evolve throughout their tennis formation in our "teaching pyramid".

"Human motility is the basis for man's determination." (Manuel Sérgio) 


Take sport prcatice to everyone, providing the conditions and encouraging practice from early to late ages. LX TEAM's existence is based on pedagogy, socialization, health and well-being.


LX TEAM outlined two main objectives for its management and activity development:

  • to educate "the player" on a humane and sports based way from bottom to top of the "pyramid";
  • to promote and develop Tennis through both social and official activities (local, regional, national and/or international).


Get to know who can help you

José Mário Silva

Manager, Tennis Director

E.T. José Mário Silva

+351 917 745 667


Manuel Costa Matos

Manager, Tennis Director

LX TEAM Competition

+351 917 535 491


Frederico Anão

Manager, Tennis Director

E.T. Paço Lumiar e E.T. Técnico

+351 910 863 457


Nuno Ferreira

Administrative Director

Tennis Tournaments Official/Empire

+351 926 230 380


João Zanatti

Coach at LX TEAM Competition

Ricardo Tomé

Coach at LX TEAM Competition

Vasco Martins

Coach at LX TEAM Competition

Ana Dinis

Trainer at LX TEAM Competition

Mário Silva

Coach at E.T. José Mário Silva

João Paulo Pereira

Coach at E.T. José Mário Silva

Manuel Sousa

Coach at E.T. José Mário Silva

Rita Garcia

Trainer at E.T. José Mário Silva

Bruno Cardoso

Coach at E.T. Paço Lumiar

João Leal

Coach at E.T. Paço Lumiar e E.T. José Mário Silva

Nuno Pereira

Coach at E.T. Técnico